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We have 108 types available dingbats corner was outlined in Adobe Illustrator . Please use it just as you like . There are three types Irare version with (. Ai) version of the image (. Png) EPS version of the (. Eps). In addition to the pdf of the entire watch , jpg of the original is also available for download . Package version , one thing was Tsunishi them all . Sale (tax-included ) 150 yen was recorded 450 species useful border to the " kado the 108 ", " kei the 450 " is also (Kei The 450). Data format of this place are available Irare and (. Ai) image (. Png). Such as how to purchase , please refer to the address below .
Package version : https://gumroad.com/toraya
pdf ( big picture ): http://www.fengfeeldesign.org/printers_flowers/kado_the_108/kado_the_108.pdf
Original (jpg.): http://www.fengfeeldesign.org/printers_flowers/kado_the_108/kado_the_108_genga_jpg.zip
( image plate and Irare data version (png).) kei the 450: https://fengfeeldesign.booth.pm/items/845
Example : http://printersflowers.fengfeeldesign.org/?eid=807308
■ to everyone that has been downloaded
It Upon actual use of the data of this time , to claim the copyright , especially because there is not , please at your disposal . Terms such as in case of the use is not there at all , I would appreciate your a wide range of applications, from commercial production personal and with abandon . I think in the case of commercial , what you can contribute to the world of printing if possible or is preferable . In addition , if there are one ask , it is not out the publicity anywhere for free distribution of this time , which can range annoucements are limited . So , Twitter your customers , Facebook , or blog , because it is precious ! Is okay in impressions ( Could you have an announcement , your to many people , the spirit that is distributed free of charge to " kado the 108 " if there is a desire to pass ... , if you do not mind , also . thank you kindly , and I mean yo was used in the this also I am happy if you can tell us. at that time , it is okay also on Twitter , etc. , but by all means you really pleasure if you can contact us at give_me_work@fengfeeldesign.org. thank you kindly.

You were able to introduce the blog of Cosmo Tech 's foil ! Soooo shit !
The article → http://blog.livedoor.jp/cosmotech_no1/archives/51775288.html
Thank you !
Number of print processing which is excellent in each blog ! And a check for baggage to come !

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Sakaguchi AkiraKiyoshi
Born in 1981 . Osaka Municipal High School crafts video design graduate . Freelance ever since . Without belonging to the industry in particular , WEB, printing , consultancy etc whatever while making a living design back breadwinner basis standing position such carp, the axis fengfeeldesign, PRINTPUB, subgum paper products shop " Toraya " and print only slightly activity in order to enjoy the world . The other , or admiring the star dingbats , in addition to the follow-up of writers and artists , you have help or homework as well as the children of the neighborhood. Exploring either not launched from such emissions Mafia design community like in the future .

homepage: http://www.fengfeeldesign.org/
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